One of Nostrobank`s priorities is to make sure that it offers its valuable users the widest possible asset selection, and commodities are no exception. Supporting you throughout every step of the trading process and providing you the best conditions possible at all times.

NostroBank enables you to:

  • Invest in precious metals along with contractual agreements on gold and silver.
  • Invest in the energy complex with contractual agreements on natural resources.

On the platform you will be able to trade with the assets listed below:


There has been a very big jump in the volume of trades with gold. It is considered to be a very profitable commodity by a lot of investors. Nostrobank gives you the opportunity to invest in gold anywhere in the world, without actually having to make a physical purchase of large gold quantities. Gold has always been a major economic factor, and this will continue in the future as well. Note that because gold is strongly intertwined with some currencies its value can be strongly influenced by them.

You have the freedom to trade Gold relative to the US Dollar, which is what most people do, but if you`d like you could also do the same with Euro or another currency. Trading gold has a great potential for making profit.


It can be said that Silver has a dual economic nature, because it’s a precious metal, but also has some industrial uses. Therefore one must consider those factors when investing in silver. It`s possible for the price of gold to be going down, and even though silver is also a precious metal it could be experiencing an upward trend. It can also be affected by fluctuations in various currencies. Usually there is high demand for silver, especially in the solar fields.


Oil can be used as a good tool for diversifying your portfolio and thus minimizing the risk of a loss. This is mainly due to the different nature of the asset, which in a way separates it from the equity and currency trading. There are many factors one should consider, among which OPEC reports, climate changes and inventory stats. After gold, crude oil is the most commonly traded commodity and there are huge volume turnovers every day.


It can be said that natural gas is somewhat of a scarce resource and there are always some unknowns regarding its overall quantity. Along with the unstable political climate regarding the resource, innovations in the ways for extraction and discovery, it makes natural gas into a very difficult to predict asset. If you want to invest in gas we advise that you do extensive research and develop a strategy.

Don`t forget that Nostrobank offers its users non-stop around the clock support. Our team is there to address any inquiries or issues regarding trading with commodities.