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The definition of Futures

Sometimes also referred to as a forward contract, it is a widely traded instrument. A future consists a mutual agreement for the purchase or selling of a certain asset, at a previously agreed upon price and date. It gives investors the ability to be speculative about it or engage in hedging activities regarding the asset`s value.

The purchasing party is referred to as “long” (the one supposed to purchase the given instrument at some point in time), whereas the selling party (the one agreeing to sell the instrument) is referred to as “short”. Those terms are derived from the two parties` hopes for the contract. Naturally the selling side is better off if the value of the instrument drops and the buying party is better off if the value jumps. Remember that there is an agreement to purchase at a specific predetermined price.

When talking about investing in futures, the instrument can be a lot of things, ranging from precious metals and crude oil, to commodities, company stock, currency pairs and many more.