Stocks CFD

Stocks CFD trading allows you to enter the stock markets of many countries without major investments and have bigger profitability than trading with assets themselves. Nostrobank dispose of other advantages for traders, providing premium terms of trade, no commissions for most of services, low spread and the use of leverage to maximize profit. No short sales restrictions, no stock lending and borrowing and no other confines make Stocks CFD market very attractive for trading, and constant fluctuations of stock prices that depend on a quantity of factors from micro- and macroeconomics, to natural, political and technological processes, make the stock trading exciting.

When a company wants to raise money (from the public) for growing/new products/ development etcetera the company goes public and sell shares/Stocks to the public. Investors can buy stocks benefit from the growth and revenues of the big companies. You can find big companies like Google, Apple, Intel and many more companies for all over the world.

The aim of Nostrobank is to ensure the best support to customers for best trading results, for which we have this platform where you can find trading tools, news of the events on the World stage, and we have the experts to help you as well.