Nostro Trade Mobile


Nostrobank Trading Mobile Application: The freedom to trade at any time and place.

Don`t miss out – start making trades from your mobile device, no matter if it`s Apple or Android.
Nostrobank`s mobile software gives you the opportunity to invest, operate your profile and check the latest economic trends, no matter where you are or what time it is, and it`s all without a charge. The potential of the software is sure to cater to any trader, from a beginner to an experienced veteran. Simple and intuitive are the keywords here.

The software is available for all devices – Apple products, as well as Android phones and tablets.

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Get informed about the latest market events, and act accordingly. Invest from your mobile device, no matter where you are.

Invest in a wide selection of instruments and enter the global markets. Integrated chartings with symbols, along with technical stats and the latest economic trends will aid you in choosing if you should open or close a given position. Also, using your mobile device to trade is totally safe and private.

  • Use your mobile device to invest in a variety of financial instruments – Forex, Futures and Commodities.
  • Simple usage and navigation.
  • You can start trading immediately after logging in.

Easy to use, Extensive & Functional:

  • Perfectly safe Forex investment.
  • More than thirty indicators.
  • Timely quotes.
  • Logs of all the investments.
  • Invest by using the latest chartings.
  • Every order type is available.
  • Some features can be used without internet.
  • Swift usage and pleasant interface.